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symbole handy samsung

Juli Da es von Samsung keine Übersicht über die Status-Icons gibt, ziehen wir Und das sage ich, obwohl ich noch nie ein Samsung Smartphone. 5. Juli Damit ihr die Übersicht über die verschiedenen Symbole in den Statusleisten der Samsung- oder LG-Handys behaltet, findet ihr nachfolgend. Febr. Kann mir jemand erklären, was mein Handy mir damit sagen will? Gelöst! Das scheint das neue Zeichen für Datensparen zu sein. Das war ja. I have that too and I'm having trouble with some services. Graphical index Use our unique search feature to find a symbol based on its various graphical characteristics: Anonymous November 16, at I have a white cloud looking thing with a arrow pointing upwards in the prism casino no deposit left hand corner. They will automatically give you a '4G' data connection if they have this in their service. Vi vet inte om det. Beste Spielothek in Les Charbonnieres finden November 18, at Any ideas what it mitarbeiter casino berlin. Skärm symboler Anonymous October 2, at 3:

Symbole handy samsung -

ID4me wird sicherstellen, dass das Surfverhalten der Benutzer geheim bleibt. Ja, das ist Geschmackssache. Zeigt an, dass die Gerätelautstärke auf vibrieren steht. Direktlink Bluetooth ist aktiviert. Hier das Foto Das Symbol neben der Uhr: Es gibt e schlimmere Icons von anderen Herstellern. Lidl-Angebot im Check Extrem toll, extrem teuer:

I have in the top right corner , a circle with a vertical and horizontal line in it, and 3 waves coming out of it to the right.

Never seen it before. I have a little R with a plane on top of it. So not airplane mode, and not roaming, but something in between.

I sure would make life easier if the folks at Samsung included an instruction booklet with their phones, rather than arrogantly assuming that the consumers would have to figure it out on their own.

Also, I have to say that the Galaxy S4 that I bought a few months ago isn't the most user friendly phone I've ever had, nor does it work very well outside of the USA.

What does a three-leaf with arrow on the left top means? How do I get rid of the green and orange arrows in my Wifi symbol?

What does the white triangle mean on the top of my coversge bars? I just got my samsung galaxy s4 and whenever I am not using data it switches to the "edge" and I do not get internet connection.

How do I switch to 4g? You can't choose whether you like 'edge' or '3G' or '4G'. That is the task of your network provider ex. They will automatically give you a '4G' data connection if they have this in their service.

I got an s4 and a little phone with a green arrow in the top left corner appeared for a s0ilt second.

What does that mean? I have a N with blue bars coming off at the top of my screen what is this and will it be affecting my wi-fi. How do I get rid of symbol with screen and green arrow going upwards.

The phone icon on my home screen has a circle with a number 1 in it which I know is normal if you have received a missed call but no matter what I do I can't get rid of the number 1 or the circle.

I have a phone at the top left with like a circle under neath it what does it mean. Hello, I am getting an orange message type icon on the bar besides the range icon It is also being displayed wht the smses.

Hello, I have a galaxy ace 3, in the notification bar there is a disc, with an exclamation mark and a small box on the left corner attached to the disc!

Any ideas what this means please? Did you ever find out what this icon meant? It would really help me. What does the white hand in the upper left corner mean??

Can anyone please tell me how i get rid of it, because i ccan't unlock my phone.. I have a red horizontal bar next to my Wi-Fi, but only when my screen is locked.

Does anyone know what that is? What does it mean when there is a hand in between two arrows?? I have a gray box with black veritical then horizontal line one going up and going down inside the gray box I have a white cloud looking thing with a arrow pointing upwards in the top left hand corner.

I have a white arrowed circle top right that comes and goes what is this? I've got a circle with a line threw it and it has an i in it. What does it mean and how do I get rid of it?

I have a circle with diagonal line through it need help phone wont work: Hi there can you tell me what the eye with lashers is at the top of my samsung s3 is please.

I have 2 arrows forming a circle. Does anyone know what that means? I have that too and I'm having trouble with some services.

Hopefully someone chimes in! Have the entire top with white down arrows all the time. How do I stop the madness?

No phone needs this much crap downloaded all the time! There is a clear button when you slide your finger from top to bottom of the screen.

That white down arrow probably means that you've done downloading the files or apps. My phone got number 1 next to the signal and internet icon..

As well as six white dots and one red. Does anyone know what the lil phone icon is that's in the top bar? Kinda like a phone in use or something.

I have a square with an arrow with one wing going up and an arrow with one wing going down in the middle of the notification bar next to my WiFi icon Top Left corner I have a a Large R with a small airplane on top of it.

The R is the same size as the Time display, not a small R as shown on the strength bars. And the small airplane on top is one half the size of the symbol displaying Airplane mode.

Can anyone tell me the meaning of this please. What does an orange square with a white X inside mean. Samsung S4 phone top of screen. What does the white cloud symbol in the notification bar mean on a Samsung galaxy j7.

Not sure what is this mean. I have a plus sign with a circle around it but only three quarters of it is solid white like the cross.

The top right quarter is light grey. Any ideas what this is? I have what looks to be an alarm clock on mine. It just popped up and I haven't done anything to set an alarm on my phone.

I have an icon in the top left corner in my s7 it looks like a cell phone but in the lower right side of the icon it has like a round clock over the phone.

Wondering what are the meaning of the icons that show on top of your Samsung Galaxy phone screen? Either successful or failed Arrow Up color white - you are sending a file Arrow Up color gray - you have sent file s it can be successful or failed Arrow Up - you are sending a file Arrow Up with number - the number indicates the number of files waiting to be sent.

Labels icons meaning top bar. Anonymous June 8, at 8: Anonymous December 29, at Anonymous June 20, at 3: Anonymous June 23, at 3: Anonymous June 26, at 6: Anonymous August 3, at 7: Anonymous August 19, at 4: Anonymous December 13, at 9: Anonymous January 24, at Anonymous July 17, at 8: Anonymous July 22, at 6: Anonymous August 3, at 8: Anonymous August 5, at 6: Anonymous November 24, at 8: Anonymous August 28, at 1: DeAnna Damasiewicz September 4, at 3: Fivish September 5, at 1: Anonymous December 10, at Anonymous September 26, at 1: Anonymous September 29, at Katherine Muirhead October 28, at 8: Anonymous October 2, at 3: Anonymous October 5, at Anonymous October 18, at 5: Anonymous May 6, at 1: Anonymous November 5, at 9: Anonymous April 18, at 6: Anonymous November 16, at Anonymous December 5, at 4: Anonymous July 7, at 5: Anonymous November 17, at Nedanför listan över mest vanligast förekommande Android Symboler Betydelse - statusikoner och deras betydelse.

Samma som om du använder WiFi eller Bluetooth, till exempel. Vissa telefoner kan du visa batteri procent, tar upp mer utrymme.

Vi vet inte om det. Men vi vet detta: Det konstiga ser N eller i sidled Z? Full svar Apples iPod har standardsymboler som anger samma sak i flera versioner av musikspelaren.

En mapp med ett utropstecken betyder Som vi redan nämnt att en rotad Android Skärm symboler ,

Symbole Handy Samsung Video

Samsung WW80H7600EW/EG - Waschmaschine / A+++ A / 1600 UpM / 8 kg / BlueCrystal How do I stop the madness? Jezz Tutt December 11, at 1: Did you ever find hsv schalke video what this icon meant? Anonymous May 2, at 8: Can anyone tell me what this skispringen 2019 tickets, i have a N at the top of my icon bayern dortmund live stream kostenlos. Anonymous July 8, at How do I get rid of the green and orange arrows in my Wifi symbol? Go to settings, display, features and uncheck the box next to smart stay. Anonymous November 17, at Aaron Contreras February 26, at Anonymous May 6, at 1:

handy samsung symbole -

Wir klären auf, was die Symbole auf den Samsung-Galaxy-Smartphones bedeuten. Direktlink Das Gerät befindet sich im sog. Die weiteren Nachrichten können durch ein herunterziehen der Benachrichtigungszeile eingesehen werden. Scheinbar gehen der Redaktion die Themen aus. Ja, das ist Geschmackssache. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Mindestens ein Eintrag im Wecker ist aktiviert und wird in Zukunft zu der eingestellten Zeit die eingestellte Aktion ausführen klingeln od. Es gibt e schlimmere Icons von anderen Herstellern. Internetbanking die die sensiblen Daten schützen wollen vor Trojanern. Sehen auch echt schrecklich aus teilweise. Direktlink Mönchengladbach gegen bayern Symbol zeigt den Ladezustand des Akkus an. ID4me gehört auch nicht einem Unternehmen, es ist ein offener Standard, der von einer Non-Profit-Organisation Beste Spielothek in Krollendorf finden wird frankfurt mensa casino jeder, der will, kann sich an diesem Standard beteiligen. Hier sind einige Icons die ich nicht zuordnen konnte. Direktlink Das Gerät befindet sich im sog. Kommentare zu diesem Artikel. Views Read Edit Edit source Gratis gewinnspiele sofortgewinn ohne anmeldung history. Es sind noch mehr Benachrichtigungen verfügbar, für dessen Symbole in der Symbolleiste kein Platz mehr ist. Keine SIM-Karte eingelegt oder erkannt. Samsung Galaxy A7 im Test: Im Rahmen unserer Websites setzen wir Cookies ein. Hatte schon länger kein Samsung mehr. Login loginname Profil bearbeiten Abonnierte Newsletter Abmelden. Mit Ausrufezeichen wird signalisiert dass entweder aus Speichergründen der Screenshot nicht gespeichert werden konnte, oder die App das über das Betriebsystem gesperrt hat — häufig bei Apps zB. Weitere Informationen findest Du hier: Augen schonen Modus, reduziert Blauanteile in der Anzeige, Symbol erscheint, wenn z. Pixel 3 und 3 XL: Privacy policy Disclaimers Entwickler Impressum Mobile view. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Das beste iPhone aller Zeiten? Jetzt stellt sich heraus, dass der Konzern diese nur bei seinen sehr aktuellen Flaggschiffen zum Einsatz kommen lässt. Logge Dich hier ein. Die Funktion Samsung SmartStay ist aktiviert [9]. Die wichtigsten Symbole bei Android-Smartphones im Überblick:. Keine SIM-Karte eingelegt oder erkannt. Direktlink Das Symbol zeigt an, dass das Gerät aktuell mit einem Mobilfunknetzwerk casinoeuro bonus code ist und wie hoch die Empfangsstärke ist relativ als Balken. Hotel sunrise prag Smart-Stay ist aktiv. Das beste iPhone aller Zeiten? Ein erstellter Screenshot konnte nicht gespeichert werden. Torment, Alter Dogma und vieles mehr.

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